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Faust, Noam & Berrebi, SiShort introduction – 1-6

Part one: The Prosodic shape of linguistic objects

Rasin, EzerChallenges for the size-based parallel analysis of Modern Hebrew vowel deletion – 9-43

Gil, DavidMonosyllables in Malay/Indonesian: a Tale of Two Ludlings – 45-100

Raffelsiefen, RanateThe grammar of shortening: explorations in correpondence – 101-179

Part two: Output-Output relations

Schneider, Roey & Cohen, Evan-GaryCase Syncretism – the Case of Arabic Plurals – 183-210

Becker, MichaelCairene Arabic stress is local – 211-238

Laks, LiorAdjective-derived verbs and verb-derived adjectives in Hebrew – 249-291

Faust, Noam & Berrebi, SiTo the future and back: New Aspects of Modern Hebrew imperative truncation – 293-328

Bolozky, ShmuelProductivity of Word Formation Patterns: Modern Hebrew vs . Earlier Phases of the Language – 329-356

Part three: Language Acquisition

Berman, Ruth A.Derivational Morphology in Hebrew: Insights from Children’s Innovations – 359-419

Lustigman, LyleThe emergence of subject-predicate combinations in early child Hebrew – 421-449

Part four: OCP Effects

Lowenstamm, JeanOh , to Understand the Impish Behavior And Temperament of Ethiopian Left- Geminators! – 453-490

Berent, Iris, Vaknin-Nusbaum, Vered & Galaburda, AlbertPhonology and phonetics — linked, but distinct: Evidence from dyslexia – 491-527

Part five: Phonetics and Phonology

Albert, AviadSonority in Modern Hebrew – 531-594

Kisseberth, Charles W.Attenuated High Tones in Emakhuwa Dialectology – 595-645