Manuscripts and reviews can be sent to the following address:

If your paper is intended for the “phonological sparks” section, please mention this.

We recommend that authors follow our style sheet available in pdf, odtdocx and tex formats, which can be downloaded from our website using the Mozilla Firefox browser. Just use the predefined styles. These guidelines can be modified if necessary (presentation of a raw database, organization into paragraphs rather than sections, etc.), but we encourage authors to respect the graphic identity of the journal.

The languages of the journal are de facto French and English. However, we do not exclude the possibility of accepting submissions in other languages, as long as our editors are competent to check their content.

The publication process is as follows.
  • The author(s) submit(s) their paper and are attributed an editor
  • If the author(s) chooses so,  their manuscript is posted on our site, anonymously or not, with the status of an unreviewed manuscript
  • The manuscript is sent to at least two reviewers with a link to our reviewing guidelines
  • Once a final version is ready, reviewers have the right to hand in a short public reaction. If they do, the author then receives these reactions and is able to add a public response
  • The final paper is published on the journal’s website, along with the reviewers’ reactions and the authors response