[BECKER] Cairene Arabic stress is local

Cairene Arabic stress is local

Michael Becker

(reviewers: Charles Kisseberth, Shanti Ulfsbjorninn)

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Stress in Cairene Arabic is quantity sensitive, but in the absence of a heavy syllable, stress is determined morphologically. The language is systematically deprived of evidence of directionality, and choosing a direction cannot have any observable effects, either in existing words or in novel/nonce words. The current proposal offers better empirical coverage than the directional analyses in McCarthy (1979), Hayes (1995), and also relieves the typology from the only known language with an unbounded surface dependency between the left edge of the word and the stressed syllable (Graf 2010).

Becker, Michael. 2022. “Cairene Arabic stress is local”. Radical: A Journal of Phonology, 4, 211-247.