[RAFFELSIEFEN] The grammar of shortening

The grammar of shortening: explorations in correspondence

Renate Raffelsiefen

(reviewers: Andrew Nevins, Francesc-Josep Torres-Tamarit)

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Abstract: The shortening of linguistic expressions naturally involves some sort of correspondence between short forms and (some portion of) the respective full forms. Based mostly on data from English and Hebrew this article explores the hypothesis that such correspondence concerns necessary sameness of symbolic form, referring either to graphemic or to a specific level of phonological representation. That level indicates a degree of abstractness defined by language-specific contrastiveness (i.e. “phonemic”). Reference to written form can be shown to be highly systematic in certain contexts, including cases where full forms consist of multiple stems. Specific asymmetries pertaining to the targeting of material by correspondence (e.g. initial vs. non-initial position) appear to be alike for both types of representation, a claim supported by a study based on a nomenclature strictly confined to writing (chemical element symbols).

Raffelsiefen, Renate. 2022. “The grammar of shortening: explorations in correspondence”. Radical: A Journal of Phonology, 4, 101-179.