[SHEN] Affricates formally represented

David Ta-Chun Shen

Reviewers: Veno Volenec, Tracy Alan Hall

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Abstract: When an affricate is represented with the ordered pair <-continuant, +continuant> as one of its set members, it cannot form any natural class with either a stop or a fricative since, within a set, the membership of an ordered pair and that of a plain set member are different (i.e. <-continuant, +continuant> ≠ -continuant ≠ +continuant). This set-theoretic prediction, however, cannot cover the overall linguistic data. Nonetheless, the definition that a plain set member (±F) and its ordered-singleton counterpart (<±F>) are the same makes possible the groupings among the three types of obstruents, which should be applicable to other contour entities in phonology.

Shen, David Ta-Chun. 2024. “Affricates formally represented”. A spark in Radical: a Journal of Phonology, 5.