[NASUKAWA] Linearisation and stress assignment in Precedence-free Phonology

Linearisation and stress assignment in Precedence-free Phonology

Kuniya Nasukawa

(reviewers: Edoardo Cavirani, Eric Raimy & Geoffrey Schwartz)

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Abstract: This paper argues how phonological structure, which consists of asymmetric relations between categories, phonetically manifests itself in the context of Precedence-free Phonology (Nasukawa 2014, 2017abc, Nasukawa and Backley 2015). In this model, as discussed in the syntax literature (Kayne 1994; Cinque 1993; Kural 2005; Abels and Neeleman 2012, Tokizaki 2013, 2018; Toyoshima 2013), precedence is solely the natural outcome of interpreting the head-dependency relations that hold between categories in hierarchical structure. In the case of English, for example, dependents manifest themselves first while heads are phonetically externalised second at all levels of word-internal phonological hierarchical structure. In addition, dependents (which are structurally the weakest in a domain) receive primary stress. The paper also explores how these processes interact.

Nasukawa, Kuniya. 2020. “Linearisation and stress-assignement in Precedence-free Phonology: The case of English”. Radical: A Journal of Phonology, 1, 239-291.