[FAUST] Hiatus hinders syncope in Modern Hebrew

Noam Faust

(reviewers: Samuel Anderson, Semra Baturay Meral)

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Abstract: In Modern Hebrew, hiatus hinders the syncope of the vowel of the first syllable of the word in three common morphological scenarios. This paper presents experimental findings to that effect, and asks why hiatus hinders syncope. A formal answer is proposed in the framework of Strict CV (Lowenstamm 1996, Scheer 2004). The solution relies on the existence of an empty C-slot between the two vowels of the hiatus, and on the possibility for this C-slot to be governed through V-to-C government.

Faust, Noam. 2023. “Hiatus hinders syncope in Modern Hebrew”. Radical: A Journal of Phonology, 3, 203-237.